About the Rastacasta and Carl Harvey Instruments


Carl Harvey of Toots and the Maytals is arguably one of the best guitarists to come out of Reggae. For over 40 years Harvey has toured the world many times over and recorded with Reggae’s greatest legends. From the studio to the stadium, Harvey has pushed his guitars to every imaginable limit. Now Harvey has created his ideal instrument - the “Rastacasta” with his wealth of experience as a guiding light. “It has to be good enough to rock stadiums and not miss a beat,” says Harvey.

With the highest standards and utmost versatility in mind, every detail has been scrutinized to create the ultimate guitar for performance and tone: High-impact Rasta colors, Zexcoil pickups, “Progressive Asymmetric” neck profiles, down to fine details like pocketed fret slots. The Rastacasta is truly a players instrument designed and constructed to meet the demands of top tier professionals.